Nataly Brunner

Posted on January 23 2018


New face of Philini Yana for the new advertising Campaign

“Now, when I am at the distance of thousands of miles from Germany, I remember with a big smile and very warm feelings the work with Philini. I believe, something very important has changed in me after the work with the whole team. During the photo-shootings, I was admiring the sunny Munich in the hot time of the day and at the night, from the up view of the castle, I was admiring the comfortable and so familiar Salzburg, that it felt as I lived there all my life. In one evening, when we were returning from the shootings in Austria, we were driving near the mountains, it was very dark and suddenly began a very intensive rain with thunder and in that moment, I realized that this moment will remain forever in my memory. During driving, I was trying to realize how it was the whole working process and how I felt about all that happened. And you know, I was feeling myself a woman, the one that is full of life and very strong, the one that could go through any obstacles. I was feeling that I madly fell in love with the people with whom I was in the car. I understood that I am surrounded by people that are extremely beautiful, and first of all, beautiful with their thoughts and ideas. It was a magic time, magic work and magic bags, with which, every time when I was getting one in my hand, something inside was changing …” Yana Baycheva


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